Donald Trump, Authority On Fake News, Has Fake ‘Time’ Magazine Covers Hanging In His Golf Resorts

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06.27.17 2 Comments

While Donald Trump has relished calling out the mainstream media as “fake news” since being elected president, the overt irony is of course that Trump is not exactly forthcoming when it comes to concepts like “truth,” and reality” himself. A perfect example of this was uncovered by the Washington Post this week, which learned that the president has kept framed Time magazine covers of himself in at least four of his golf resorts around the world — in Florida, Virginia, Ireland, and Scotland — that are as fake as the hair on his head (probably) or the orange glow of his skin (definitely).

The covers, dated March 1, 2009, display a stoic looking Trump with a headline exclaiming, “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” and another in all-caps at the top that boldly proclaims, “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!”

The main problem with the cover is that it simply never existed, as Time Inc. spokeswoman Kerri Chyka confirmed in an email to WaPo. The real issue, dated March 2, 2009, featured Kate Winslet on the cover and bizarrely the same headlines as the fake one — albeit in a more traditional placement for the magazine. The fake was also easy to spot given the thickness of the red border, which you can see in the following side-by-side comparison.

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