TrustoCorp’s Tabloid Intervention Reveals Donald Trump Pregnancy, Sarah Palin Sex Tape

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We recently covered the vigilante pop culture artwork of TrustoCorp when they replaced reality TV phone booth advertisements with ads for slightly more realistic fictional reality television shows. Now they’ve targeted the guilty pleasure of every female who is currently laughing at you behind your back with a tabloid intervention, substituting US, OK, and People magazines in magazine stands throughout Hollywood, Manhattan, Williamsburg, LAX, and JFK with parody magazines that I’d be much more inclined to get my trash news from.
There’s a lot of photographic evidence of their work this time around and I’ve collected as much as I could find. Of all the fictional stories disseminated by TrustoCorp, I’m especially thankful that more people weren’t hurt in the Kim Kardashian butt explosion. That’s a national tragedy waiting to happen. Also, kudos on promoting the fictional reality shows in the fictional gossip rags. The meta-ness is not lost on me.
Arrested Motion via The Daily What

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