Some Guy Filmed The TSA Security Line At Chicago Midway Airport And It Is Insane

Our post-9/11 world arrives with many airport-related inconveniences. Many complaints just happen to be related to the Transportation Safety Administration. Its rules about carrying liquids, for example, have resulted in countless instances of lost toiletries, beverages, and other items that seem insignificant. Yet these inconveniences add up, and the lost money and time associated with perceived safety tend to build resentment. Some folks would prefer to drive across the country than deal with the hassle and expense of flying. Others will disregard such complaints because, after all, these are mere trifles in the grand scheme of life.

Until now, that is. Security wait times are only growing longer, and everyone is aware of the problem. So, it’s hard to believe that a viral video such as this one hasn’t taken the internet by storm until now, but this clip makes up for lost time. One YouTube user was walking in the preferred line at Chicago Midway International Airport. So, he took great joy in capturing video footage of the TSA security line heading the opposite way. This absolutely insane line throws some serious Godfather 3 vibes. (Just when these passengers thought they were done, they got pulled back into hell.) These unlucky folks easily waited hours for the privilege of settling down into coach seats.

This video has racked up more than one million views in less than a day, and it’s easy to see why people are bonding over shared misery.

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