David D. Talks New Orleans Pelicans, NOLA Rap With ESPN’s ‘True Hoop’

The current self-appointed Vice President of all things NOLA sports, Chris Trew, recently reached out to our very own David D. He had an idea for his Trew To Tha Game column on ESPN’s Pelicans True Hoop page, Bourbon Street Shots. The premise is simple: what New Orleans music should Pelicans players have as their theme songs when they’re on the court? The residents of The Crescent City put their brains together and came up with some gems, so check it out. That brings me to my next point.

This may not seem like a huge deal to some, but David D. made it to freakin’ ESPN. From a sports perspective, it doesn’t get much bigger than that and it’s great to see one of our own get the nod. D’s been at TSS for over five years (longer than me) and has put in work across countless publications, both online and print.

Not to usher the guy in on a Roman chariot or anything, but receiving this opportunity is great look and proof that what we do – the content creators and those who constantly support TSS to no end – isn’t going unnoticed. That and David’s making it real hard for me to keep up with him.

Also, as a companion piece, D hopped on Chris’ podcast to discuss their choices, Pelicans basketball and more No Limit talk than you could ever want in one day. I haven’t listened yet, but hopefully Ghetto D is given the respect it deserves.

Check the links out, drop a comment and let them know that TSS is in the building!

As always, RMF.

Photo: Getty