Tucker Carlson Says The Daily Caller Editor Who Approved A Terrible Headline Was ‘Hungover Or Something’

On Tuesday, The Daily Caller, whose editor-in-chief is Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, ran an article entitled “Kill All The Jews And When That Is Done Kill Those That Refused To Defend Them.” The article now has a new title, but the URL still contains the original phrase. Carlson has an explanation for how the triggering title made its way to the site: someone was drunk at the wheel. But it wasn’t removed because it was offensive; it was simply unclear.

Carlson told TPM that the published headline was spotted by executive editor Vince Coglianese on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Carlson said Coglianese flagged it to him.

“The headline didn’t match the story. It was obviously nothing more than a garbled attempt,” he told TPM by phone. “It was inarticulate, it was idiotic.”

When asked how the original headline ended up on the site, Carlson said one of the site’s editors, whom he declined to name, was likely “hungover.”

“I don’t know. We’ve got over 50 people here. He was hungover or something,” Carlson said.

Carlson said that The Daily Caller got no complaints about the headline, and that it was removed because it was inarticulate.

“I oversaw the correction,” he said. “It violated our first rule in that it wasn’t clear.”

Carlson has apparently ensured the editor will never post another unclear headline.

He later told TPM in an email that the original headline was not submitted by Curry.

“That headline was not written by the author of the piece, but by our editor, whom we have executed, ISIS-style, for his misdeed,” he wrote.

Source: Talking Points Memo