A New Report Suggests Tucker Carlson May Have Voted For Kanye West In 2020, Not Trump

Tucker Carlson is one of the most visible supporters of Donald Trump on American cable television, but according to a report, not even the Fox News host could muster up a vote for Trump in November.

According to a Politico report, Carlson started telling people that he didn’t vote for Trump in the election the now-former president claims he won against all evidence. Instead, he apparently voted for, uh, Kanye West, seemingly as a way to differentiate himself from other Fox News hosts.

Shortly after the presidential election, the Fox News host started telling some program guests that he had cast his ballot for West, according to two people familiar with those conversations. Given Carlson’s fierce on-air commentary in favor of Trump, the guests were left wondering if Carlson was serious or merely joking.

“It’s his way of saying that he’s not just another Trumpette at Fox News like Sean Hannity,” one of the sources said, referring to Carlson’s fellow primetime opinion host and reputed internal rival.

Another source mentioned in the story said he mentioned his intentions before the election as well, citing that “he and Kanye get along” and have similarly restrictive views on reproductive rights. Despite all that, though, who Carlson voted for largely didn’t matter for a variety of reasons. As the story noted, Carlson votes in Florida, where West wasn’t officially on the ballot. That would mean he would have to write in West’s name, even if it ultimately wouldn’t count for much of anything other than bragging rights.

It’s unclear exactly who leaked this information and if it’s accurate, but from what we know about how Carlson himself is often the biggest source of information among people in Trumpworld, you can at least heavily infer where this kind of thing is coming from.

[via Politico]