Tucker Carlson Sure Seemed Nervous About His College Yearbook Photo’s Discovery, And There’s A Good Reason Why

Tucker Carlson unleashed another Joker-hyena laugh on Wednesday night, but even he wasn’t laughing about the discovery of his yearbook photo. As seen below, Tucker even took a few moments to condemn “a mentally unbalanced, middle-aged man,” who he blasted as a “minion” of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. He was talking about Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple, and Tucker appeared to feel terribly apprehensive about Wemple’s discovery (who Tucker said “called around to see if we did anything naughty at the age of 19″) of Tucker’s 1991 yearbook photo.

There’s a damn good reason why Tucker was nervous, and that’s because his college yearbook photo caption was damn bad. The caption identifies the bow-tie sporting future Fox News host as a member of the “Dan White Society,” which references the murderer of Harvey Milk, California’s first openly gay elected official (White also assassinated San Francisco Mayor George Moscone at City Hall). The caption also articulates Tucker’s allegiance with the “Jesse Helms Foundation,” which references the former ultra-conservative (and noted segregationist) senator from North Carolina.

The Wrap has confirmed the realness of Tucker’s college yearbook photo with a statement from a Trinity College spokesperson, who also pointed out that these clubs likely didn’t exist, meaning that Tucker had invented them for the caption:

A representative for Trinity College confirmed the veracity of the yearbook entry to TheWrap… The spokesperson pointed to a digitized version of the yearbook, which features the entry on page 186, and added that the so-called “society” didn’t seem to exist at the school and was only mentioned in Carlson’s entry. A review of the yearbook by TheWrap found no other mentions of a “Dan White Society.”

“While I cannot speak to the yearbook process in 1991, current practice is that only a student’s name, home state and/or country, and the student’s major are listed with their photos,” the Trinity College representative said when asked whether Carlson submitted the identifier himself.

Tucker probably thought this was a “clever” caption at the time, although he sure doesn’t seem pleased about its discovery these days.