Tumblr Doesn’t Approve Of You Posting A Pic Of A Baby With A D*ck Drawn On Its Face

Over the weekend Death & Taxes editor Ned Hepburn posted the photo above of a baby with a dick drawn on its face to Tumblr, a social media site known to people who like pornography as a treasure trove of easily accessible pornography. Look at that baby’s face. Someone drew a dick on it! It’s hilarious, isn’t it. Stupid baby. Serves it right for passing out in public. Them’s the breaks, kid!

But you know who was not amused? Tumblr, who removed the pic as violation of their no “inappropriate content involving minors” policy!

Surely this is a policy that was put in place to police pornographic pics/videos involving minors, not pictures of babies with dicks drawn on their faces. Come on, Tumblr! Lighten the hell up.

Meanwhile, Hepburn has reposted the pic, a move that will probably get his Tumblarity scaled back a few points, if Tumblr’s still doing that.