Why Are These Turkeys Circling Around A Dead Cat?

News & Culture Writer

Thursday morning, a Boston man who goes by @TheReal_JDavis on Twitter captured the above morbid scene in Randolph, Massachusetts, just south of the city. In a separate tweet, he explained that the cat had been hit by a car in the middle of the road, and then a group of about 30 wild turkeys inexplicably began circling the corpse, obviously in some kind of satanic turkey ritual.

Within hours the tweet blew up and went viral, as a pack of turkeys circling a dead cat isn’t exactly something most people see on an average day — nor is it something most people want to see on an average day. In an effort to explain the freaky behavior, Boston Magazine reached out to the foremost turkey expert of Massachusetts, David Scarpitti, who agreed that it was definitely “unusual” and “really quite amazing.”

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