Twenty Awesome Lego Sets You Can Help Make Real

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For those unfamiliar, Lego runs what amounts to its own version of Kickstarter, called Cuusoo. Essentially, it’s a crowdsourced pitching engine: Lego designers conceive of a project, pitch it to the masses, and if you can get 10,000 people to click “support” on a project, Lego will consider making it as an official Lego product.
Needless to say, there are lots of nerds all over Cuusoo…but they have some truly awesome projects. Here are twenty we’ve found that you can help turn into a reality. Each link on each slide goes directly to the page to support the project. Consider doing it: it costs nothing, you can sign up with Facebook, and some of these projects simply need to exist.
And if there were any we missed, let us know in the comments.

Complete with minifigs of the crew!
Really, we want this one just to try and restage that photograph.
But would fans complain about the bricks included?
Admit it, you really want that Lego monster.
We’re a little surprised Nintendo hasn’t thrown its weight behind this one.
This is the closest most of us will get to owning one of these.
This one is a natural fit, if you think about it.
We hated driving it in the game, but it’d be fun to build.
This isn’t a CG design: this guy actually built a GameCube out of Lego. The door even opens!
All we can say is: COME ON!
Not tied to any franchise, but look at that and tell us you don’t want one.
Again, we’re stumped as to how this one didn’t make it to market already.
If you don’t want a robotic platypus made out of Lego, we worry about you as a person.
The only problem is trading, since everything’s bricks.
We couldn’t find any official Star Trek Lego products, which we’re not going to lie, is just a wee bit surprising.
Hardcore Robin fans will remember Tim Drake actually had a Batmobile of his very own, and if we’re going to do the Tumbler, it’s only fair minifig Robin gets his own set of wheels.
No room is complete without one.
Yet another no-brainer: we’re really surprised this one isn’t on the shelves in time for the Avengers.
We like this one just for the terrible pun in the title.
Because the Enterprise needs somebody to fight with, after all.

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