Now You Can Bedazzle Your Cat’s Unsightly Butthole So You Don’t Have To Look At It

Using stickers to cover your pets’ buttholes was so earlier this year, because this new product called Twinkle Tush will decorate your cat’s anus with a beautiful jewel, just like nature intended. If you’re naturally questioning your cat’s desire to have its anus covered by a plastic jewel, Twinkle Tush’s website reassures you that “your cat secretly wants it,” which I feel is a very Bill Cosby-esque approach to decorating your cat’s butthole.

Have you ever thrown a respectable cocktail party at your home only to have your feline family member come out and proudly display their uncovered rear? While kitty might enjoy showing off their brown eye, we’re sure your guests don’t like to see that one-eyed monster while munching on their caviar. Give your cat some class. Hang a Twinkle Tush from their tail and cover that butt in bling.

Sadly, you’ll have to wait a little longer to fulfill your dream of cat-anus bling, as Twinkle Tush is currently sold out. However, you can still purchase a cat hammock that affixes to underneath your furniture from Twinkle Tush’s parent company Cat Crib. And let’s face it, your cat would probably prefer that anyway.

(Via Mashable)