Twitter Fight Of The Moment: Rainn Wilson Vs. McDonald’s


On The Office it’s not uncommon for Rainn Wilson’s character Dwight Schrute to bag on some of the, ahem, larger characters like Stanley, Kevin and Phyllis about their weight. There’s a particular episode I remember from a few seasons ago when there’s a contest between the Dunder Mifflin branches to see which could lose the most weight amongst its staff. At one point in the episode, Dwight kicked Phyllis out of his car during a fictional sales call and made her walk five miles to get her to shed some LBs. When she returned to work, pissed, the following exchange ensued

Phyllis: [slams door] Are you insane?

Andy: Hey hey, what happened?

Phyllis: There was no client. Dwight drove me to an abandoned warehouse 5 miles away and pushed me out of the car. I had to walk back with no purse and no phone.

Dwight Schrute: And you burned over a thousand calories walking home, and this branch just got little bit closer to winning the contest. Phyllis Vance ladies and gentlemen! [Dwight claps]

Since he appears to adhere to strict, Schrute-like guidelines off-camera, I take it Rainn Wilson didn’t roll out of bed and have a McGriddle for breakfast today? But he did, however, troll the McDonald’s corporate Twitter for a little fun.

Btw, did you know that there’s an official Dunder Mifflin website out there that truly feels like a real paper company’s website? Because there is! And if you Google “Dundler Mifflin” the search results are tiered just like the search results of a real company its size would be.

Meanwhile, I’m hungry all of a sudden.

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