Twitter’s Most Popular Users Prove That Millennials Rule The World

Katy Perry Super Bowl
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Ever since Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey unleashed the world’s first tweet on March 21, 2006, and the site launched on this date July 15, 2006, social media has never been the same. With 140 characters, anyone anywhere can share their opinions on politics, pizza, and everything in between as they shout into the void and hope that someone hears them. While not everyone has the luxury of a rapt army of followers, a few accounts have risen above the rest and are read by millions. While some of these are understandable (like, you know, the president of the United States), a few of these entries make it clear that teens and tweens wield a surprising (troubling?) amount of power on social media. So, take stock of your paltry band of followers and check out the top 10 most followed Twitter accounts.

1. Katy Perry (@katyperry): 72,390,704 followers

Katy Perry‘s “Katy Cats” are a dedicated bunch of fans to be sure, making Perry the most followed figure on Twitter. In her feud with fellow list-maker, Taylor Swift, Perry is definitely winning this round.

2. Justin Bieber (@justinbieber): 65,272,537 followers

Bieber has proven himself to be quite a jack*ss the past few years, but that clearly has done nothing to diminish his fanbase. He can tweet about getting his wisdom teeth being removed and get more than 60,ooo retweets, while your mom is the only one who liked your last well-crafted Twitter pun. I know. It isn’t fair.

3. Barack Obama (@BarackObama): 61,723,116 followers

This one actually makes sense. President Obama is the leader of the free world, so he would obviously dominate the Twittersphere, as well. His “Four more years.” tweet is one of the most retweeted tweets of all-time, beaten only by Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie and some One Direction shipper fuel.

4. Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13): 60,280,020 followers

There are few pop stars that are on Taylor Swift‘s level, between selling insane amounts of albums and causing Apple to quake in their boots. While Taylor may not use Twitter to interact with fans as often as she does on Tumblr or Instagram, she still uses the account to promote the approachable image that she’s become known for.

5. YouTube (@YouTube): 52,934,376 followers

This official account just posts popular YouTube videos from the day, which is fine. You could just check out other sites (AHEM) for the best viral videos making their way around the internet, but this is one way to do it.

6. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga): 48,527,722 followers

Lady Gaga‘s fans, or “Little Monsters,” practically worship their “Mother Monster,” as her nearly 50 million followers attest. Despite her often outlandish stage persona, her Twitter feed is actually pretty normal. I mean, pop star “normal” isn’t real “normal,” but you catch my drift.

7. Rihanna (@rihanna): 48,535,979 followers

Rihanna‘s Twitter account is definitely an unfiltered look into her mind (though not quite as NSFW as her Instagram). Whether it is throwing shade at haters or thanking God for her success, Rihanna is Rihanna, and she doesn’t give a single f*ck what you think.

8. Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake): 47,120,976 followers

Justin Timberlake has never been shy about his love of social media, and his number of followers definitely reflects that. Like “Mirrors.” (Don’t steal that joke, Twitter!) Also, he’s been using it a lot lately to promote his new tequila, Sauza 901, while dressing up as a creepy lime.

9. Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow): 45,260,208 followers

With the selfie seen ’round the world, Ellen DeGeneres broke Twitter and gave us the most retweeted tweet ever. Other than that, DeGeneres tends to post low-key jokes and advice to her account, much like your cool aunt.

10. Twitter (@twitter): 42,904,551 followers


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