Twitter Comes Together To Make ‘Nice Allegations’ About Celebrities Who Aren’t Terrible

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With harrowing stories coming out about Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., and many others, some of us may be dreading whatever fresh hell awaits us in our news feeds. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear about nice people for a change?

A mainstay of weird Twitter kicked things off by requesting “nice allegations” about celebrities:

People shared anecdotes about their purported experiences with entertainers who were nice. Some of the stories are downright surreal. Just try to imagine Danzig lecturing kids about healthy habits, Keanu Reeves diligently picking up litter, Johnny Cash watching the moon landing while high, and Sinbad jauntily doffing a frozen treat at EPCOT.

And some of the anecdotes were downright heartwarming:

Bob Ueker sounds fun:

As does Michael Keaton (always my Batman).

And other celebrities were reportedly kind to coworkers on set:

Former stars of Doctor Who are as nice as you might imagine:

As are the stars of good show The Good Place:

And some of the tweets made us miss Carrie Fisher all over again.

Danny Devito got at least a couple of shout outs.

Some of the stories were sarcastic.

But most of them were in earnest.

Finally, let’s all hope and pray Tom Hanks never changes.

(Via The Mary Sue and BAKKOOONN)

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