If Trump Starts A Nuclear Apocalypse, At Least We’ll Have These Twitter Jokes

Getty / Twitter

Donald Trump recently ad-libbed (yikes!) a threat to North Korea on Twitter, and this is happening this is a sentence I just typed. In what seems to be a pattern of Trump trying to tweet us into the apocalypse, he promised “fire and fury like the world has never seen” to North Korea if they don’t step correct. Oddly, the next tweet wasn’t “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?”

But surely this will all end well, considering Trump’s impressive people skills and so forth, and we even have our worst people on it. So Twitter used the occasion to make jokes about our impeding destruction. At least we’ll have laughs in the Wasteland. Yay?

Some people on Twitter figured this was all just par for the course:

And others kept it in perspective:

Some wishes we just would have clapped:

Others theorized how Trump’s supporters would react to a nuclear war:

Some assumed the only thing that can save us is if Trump stands to personally lose some money if millions of us die in a nuclear blast.

And some theorized about the after-times and made Twilight Zone “Time Enough At Last” references:

While others were still thinking about the past:

And there were plenty of variations on this joke:

Not to mention the “but her emails” category of Trump reaction tweets:

Some tried to come to terms with the inexorable march toward the infinite:

And some looked on the bright side: