Twitter Helped Reunite Two Friends Who Hadn’t Seen Each Other In 12 Years

Twitter / @briannacry

Facebook may be getting the lion’s share of the bad social media press these days, but there’s a not a lot to like about Twitter in 2018 either. From widespread bullying to an infestation of actual Nazis, it’s easy to forget that the service can actually be used for good. Case in point: It helped reunite two friends who hadn’t seen in each other in 12 years. And the whole ordeal took less than 12 hours.

It began in the wee hours of Friday night, when a Mississippian named Brianna, handle @BriannaCry, posted a picture of her from 12 years back, sitting with a girl. She said the two met while the former was vacationing in Hawaii, that they became “bestfriends for that night,” and that, alas, she hadn’t seen her since. She asked Twitter to help in facilitating a reunion.

Brianna’s request was retweeted 20,000 times and, a mere half a day later, success! One @Heii_Tree — named Heidi, as per a Daily Mail investigation. In the tweet, Heidi posted a picture of her from what looks like the same time, wearing the same shirt.

There were tears.

And also bewilderment that Heidi, who’d said been AWOL from Twitter, happened to actually sign on that day.

It’s a very nice story, one that either renews your faith in humanity or offers a brief respite from real-world horrors, like the latest doomsday climate change report that our president is ignoring. And not to be gloomy, but there’s also this: Heidi might need some help making the reunion happen.

And yet we’ll bet the internet will rally together to make that happen, too. Stay tuned!

(Via The Daily Mail)