Twitter Has Suspended Some Fake Accounts After President Trump Thanked A Bot For Support

Getty Image

President Trump’s been keeping a lower Twitter profile lately — sorta kinda — thanks to new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s influence. Well, he did defend his “working vacation” (of 17 days) this weekend, and he launched a lukewarm attack against Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) on Monday. His usual fire has been dampened, for sure. While the “new” Trump can’t last too long, the president’s mostly been sticking to retweeting stories that he likes from Fox News along with scattered support from the #MAGA masses.

One such retweeted exploit is no longer visible via the original account (for a reason), but here’s Trump’s initial display of enthusiasm.

Someone soon pointed out that the retweeted account, which contained the words “black conservative” in the profile, happened to contain the profile photo of a stock-photo model.

Not only that, but people were quick to notice that the profile photo itself featured a dramatically lightened complexion. While it’s hard to believe that anyone would execute such a blatant discrepancy and expect it to be believed, one thing is clear …. this doesn’t present a good look.

The general consensus is that the account that Trump retweeted was a bot, and Twitter has now duly wiped the account (along with similar examples) from existence. Of course, the screencaps in question shall live on forever, as will photos of all of these apparent “young Trump supporters” who “happen to model for the same site.”

Yeah, that’s pretty dang embarrassing.