Netflix And Others Have Plenty Of Fun With The Fake ‘Gorilla Channel’ Trump Book Excerpt On Twitter

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01.06.18 2 Comments

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Friday saw the early release of Michael Wolff’s Trump tome Fire And Fury, sending the media into a frenzy to screenshot the entire book and pick it apart on Twitter. The book has sold out in most places and plenty is being written about the many salacious tales within, but one that stands out above them all isn’t real:

PixelatedBoat is the genius comedic mind behind Milkshake Duck — the lovely duck that drinks milkshakes and also happens to be racist — and now he can claim another internet sensation thanks to Trump’s Gorilla Channel. On its own, it is a perfectly funny fake excerpt from a book and something that PixelatedBoat does very well — though he gives plenty of credit to former MTV writer Kaleb Horton — but the reason it took off is due to many the folks online who started to believe that the excerpt was real.

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