These Two Friends Attempt To See A Movie While Dressed In One Set Of Clothing

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In a recent episode of ABC’s The Goldbergs, which is far better than its ’80s pandering marketing would have you believe, teenager Adam is supposed to take two girls… to the same school dance! Rather than ignore this wackiest and most contrived of sitcom tropes, the show fully embraces it, with Adam and his grandfather scheming how to make the arrangement work, only for it to blow up in their faces before the dance even starts.

“Two dates, one night” is one of my favorite TV clichés, right up there with “Totem Pole Trench,” in which “two or more children (or just short people) pile up, one on another’s shoulders, and put a Conspicuous Trenchcoat (and usually a fedora hat) over this pyramid to make them look like an adult or a tall man.” Call it the Vincent Adultman. What Bo and Matthew pull off in the video above isn’t exactly a Vincent Adultman (see how well it works?), because they’re neither children, not short. But it’s still wonderful.

Two Guys One Ticket: Two best friends achieve lifelong dream of sneaking into a movie theatre in one set of clothing. (Via)

That — going to a theater to see The Avengers (and not a Kevin James movie, surprisingly) in the same extra-large pair of jeans — is what friends are for.

(Via Reddit)

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