Two Ridiculously Adorable Polar Bear Cubs Made Their Debut At A Zoo In Germany

Twin polar bear cubs that were born in December finally made their debut today at the Hellabrun Zoo in Munich, Germany and I guess you could say they’re pretty Hella cute. Terrible jokes aside, the nameless cubs made their way into the zoo’s recently renovated enclosure with their mother, Giovanna, while they had previously been visiting with their father, Yoghi, in what is known as a “cuddling enclosure.” While that sounds like it would be the most wonderful place in the world to be, it’s important to remember that these are killing machines that could disassemble our bodies in one swipe of their giant paws.

It will still take some time before the father bear is reunited with the whole family, if it ever happens, as Yoghi is currently tending to business with another of the zoo’s female polar bears. Men, am I right, ladies? According to the Guardian, though, it all comes down to how Giovanna reacts to everything, because otherwise one of these adorable little bears could end up an orphan, and we don’t need Sarah McLachlan writing any songs in German.

But enough about how animal families work – let’s look at the adorable baby polar bears!