Two Women Decimated A Philadelphia McDonald’s After Being Told They Couldn’t Have Breakfast

Two women lost their f*cking sh*t after being told breakfast was no longer being served at a Philadelphia McDonald’s. It looks like they had started to make a scene when the person filming began capturing the melee, which quickly escalated into a fight with what appears to be another patron of the McDonald’s. You don’t get between a woman and her McGriddles, as not one, but both woman attempt to throw chairs, multiple times, at the poor dude who awakened the beast (who also happened the size of a bear).

Honestly my biggest question here, as a resident Philadelphian, is which McDonald’s location this affair took place at. Part of me is really hoping it was the one on Grays Ferry where ODB got arrested that time, since that McDonald’s location is already so rich with history.

(Via BroBible)