The Greatest Thing To Happen To Black America: Madea Turns White

02.01.11 7 years ago 29 Comments

Apparently, I’m tough on Tyler Perry. So let me start by saying this:

Tiger Woods likes the sweet, sweet taste of white meat lathered with adultery sauce. He’s still the greatest golfer of all-time.

Ben Roethlisberger allegedly likes a good old-fashioned rapin’ every once in a while. He’s still on his way to his third Super Bowl and a top quarterback in the league.

Tyler Perry does a whole lot of good by employing so many African-Americans and donating so much money to charity. He still creates some of the sh*ttiest, most asinine pieces of “art” our generation will ever witness. See, I can separate the professional and personal, no matter how difficult it seems. Because I discredit one aspect of a person’s life, it’s not an indictment on everything he does. I can applaud Perry for his contributions while also admitting that his works are mind-numbing drivel.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s rejoice. For I have gone to sleep many a nights after praying for two things:

1. A Black President
2. Madea somehow no longer being part of the Black community

Thanks to this poster of Madea in whiteface, I can at least pretend that my prayers have been answered. Happy Black History Month.

P.S.— I’m not going to mention anything about the perplexity of a man that dresses like a woman for a living taking it further by dressing up as a woman pretending to be a lesbian White woman. That’d just be wrong. So I’m not going to mention it.

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