Tyrion Lannister Is Officially Joining The X-Men In 'Days Of Future Past'

Peter Dinklage, best known to us all as Tyrion Lannister, has been officially announced as part of the upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Which kind of begs the question… How are they working Alpha Flight into this movie?

OK, OK, so Dinklage might not be playing Puck, or it could just be a cameo as Sentinels stomp the entire team because, let’s face it, it’s Alpha Flight. We’re not exactly talking the first line of defense here: You’d think John Byrne hated Canada considering how ineffective a good chunk of the team was.

That said, there’s certainly no lack of scale in Days of Future Past; in addition to bringing back almost the entire cast of the original movie, Bryan Singer seems to be putting all his ideas for the third X-Men movie he never got to make into the mix.

But we kind of want to see Alpha Flight on screen, if for no other reason than to see who they cast as the rest of the team. Is it too early to start a campaign for Lee Pace as Northstar?