Tyrion Lannister Is The Fictional Political Symbol We Can All Get Behind

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05.23.12 3 Comments

In these divisive political times I’ve been in search of a singular message that everyone who doesn’t suck should be able to get behind. Low and behold I found it on Reddit. Unfortunately, ‘(P)IMP’ is fictional in more ways than one. Per Redditor arbze who lives nearby:

It’s fake. I was a bit surprised to see this as I literally lived a couple seconds away from there last year and the mural in the bottom right had been removed before Peter Dinklage had even been cast for the show.

Apparently the building is a prime target of an iPhone app that allows the user to superimpose images on buildings. But I think what’s important here is the message. And that all gods don’t have to be such vicious c’s…

Source: Reddit

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