There’s Now An Uber Boat That Will Shuttle You Between Europe and Asia

Paris may be up in arms and violently protesting Uber, but it’s a whole different story over in Istanbul. The large Turkish metropolis, which sits in both Asia and Europe, now has its very own UberBOAT for passengers who’d like to cross the Bosphorus strait with style and speed.

The new mode of transportation can carry up to eight people and only costs about 50 lira (or $19), a cheap trip considering you’re technically journeying between two different continents. It’s certainly more expensive than the local ferry (81 cents), but having taken that ship a handful of times in my life, let me just tell you: You really get what you paid for, AKA it’s overcrowded, slow, and its docking practices seem somewhat questionable. If you can swing it financially, spring for the UberBOAT.

(Via Engadget)