Harrowing Footage Of An Uber Driver Pepper Spraying A Violent Passenger Highlights The Dangers Of The Job

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The dash cam footage in this video caught a violent encounter between an Uber driver and a passenger. The driver writes in the video description that he had picked the man up in Newport Beach, and it was quickly apparent that he was heavily intoxicated. The passenger would not provide his home address in Costa Mesa, where he wanted to be taken, instead having plugged in a nearby landmark, telling the driver that he would provide directions.

However, once the passenger started fading in and out of consciousness and still refused to provide his address, he became belligerent with the driver. At that point the driver wisely decided that the guy was going to be somebody else’s problem, and pulled into a well-lit shopping center while stealthily turning his camera around and grabbing his pepper spray to protect himself should the need arise.

And it was a good thing that he did, because once informed that his ride was — in fact — over, the man quickly became violent, beating the driver over the head before he was able to maneuver and engage the pepper spray. Give your Uber driver a generous tip next time, because this is an unfortunate reminder of what some of them have to go through to earn a living.

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