Is This Uber Driver Justified By Screaming At A Passenger Who Won’t Get Out Of His Car?

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07.11.16 5 Comments

(Warning: language NSFW)

With Uber becoming much more prevalent, recording devices such as dash cams and smartphones can help ensure the safety and protect the rights of the driver. We’ve seen this in past instances, such as an NYC police officer profiling one driver, and countless others of drivers being physically attacked by their passengers.

This video, on the other hand, was recorded by a passenger who felt she was treated unfairly by her driver. Uploaded to YouTube with the title, “Hostile Uber driver refuses to take me to ER!,” the video picks up seemingly well into a verbal confrontation between driver and passenger. “You are at the hospital, administration is right here,” yells the male driver (who weirdly sounds exactly like Seth Rogen), to the female passenger, who responds, “I’m going to the emergency room, sir.”

At face value, not the most unreasonable sounding request, but as the video goes on, the source of the driver’s frustration becomes apparent. “Get out of my car, now,” the driver repeats over and over as the woman continues to ask where her destination is. “Why are you yelling at me?” asks the woman. The driver responds: “Because you won’t [expletive] get out of my car. “You are not to yell at me,” she responds.

Counterpoint: Lady, get out of his car. Uber drivers are allowed to terminate rides 100 percent at their discretion, not to mention when they’ve actually arrived at their GPS destination. Maybe he would have driven her around to the emergency room entrance had the ride been an overall more pleasant experience, but as he goes on, he says, “You have been extremely rude, extremely condescending, this whole ride. You kept me waiting way too long, you showed up and told me you were in a hurry, when you showed no actual effort that you were in a hurry.”

Commenters on the video almost overwhelmingly take the driver’s side, with one saying, “Wow, you obviously we’re provoking him on the way there. You pulled your camera out hoping to play the victim. You should be ashamed of yourself,” and another adding that she is “deliberately trying to provoke him.”

Of course we don’t know the full story here, but I think we can all agree that when an Uber driver tells you to get out of their car, you get out of their car.

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