Ubisoft Proves There’s Still Stealth In Splinter Cell: Blacklist In A New Video

Splinter Cell: Blacklist was unveiled at this year’s E3, but unfortunately the early trailers and footage seemed to be missing something — namely the stealth-based gameplay that used to define the series. But apparently those early looks were deceiving! Blacklist isn’t all shooting dudes in the face — being a sneaky f–ker is still very much an option in the game.

Hit the jump for a nice meaty seven minute video that details your stealth options in Splinter Cell: Blacklist…

Cool stuff, but uh, yeah, sorry about Mr. Radio Voice narrating the whole thing.

Heeey folks, we’ve got seven minutes of hot new Splinter Cell footage comin’ down the pipe, but first, it’s 8 o’clock, you’re on the road to work, so you know what that means, time to get the Led out. Stairway to Heaven and Splinter Cell, comin’ atcha right after the break…”

via Game Rant