The UConn Mac And Cheese Kid Now Has A Calzone Named After Him, Is Also Expelled

Yesterday, the world became introduced to 19-year-old Luke Gatti, the UConn student who threw an epic, Category Five temper tantrum when told that he could not purchase jalapeno bacon mac and cheese in his campus cafeteria while intoxicated and carrying an open container of alcohol. Not an unreasonable request! The nine-minute video of his meltdown quickly made its way around the internet, where Gatti was justly ridiculed.

Mediocre college campus calzone institution D.P. Dough even got in on the action; the UConn location named a special bacon, jalapeno, mac and cheese calzone after the student, “the Mac-Gatti Zone,” as seen in this tweeted image:

Gatti’s luck has gotten even worse because, according to reports, he has since been expelled from the University of Connecticut. Death and Taxes was able to obtain photographic evidence from Snapchat, which seem to show Gatti moving out of his dorm.

Being that this was not the kid’s first incident like this — Gatti was arrested two times last year while attending the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, one of the times in conjunction with calling a police officer a racial slur — it’s unclear what’s next for this bright young man. Let’s just hope daddy’s money won’t buy him out this time and he’s got some serious minimum wage in his immediate future.

(Via Barstool Sports, Death and Taxes)