Uh Oh, Everybody Freak Out Because The Mainstream Media Has Discovered The Sexy Mugshot Guy

ABC News10 in Sacramento covered the phenomenon of Jeremy Meeks — the sexy mugshot guy we brought to you yesterday who is sexier than all four members of Color Me Badd put together — but not once do they let you forget that they’d rather be covering a cat that got stuck in a tree or something. Although the News10 team scored an interview with Meeks (who is married with a kid, by the way, sorry ladies), they throw so much shade at the guy that what’s even the point? Yes, we all know he’s a convicted felon and you DON’T EVEN WANT TO KNOW what he did to score himself that teardrop tattoo, but if having some fun on the internet was illegal we’d all be sharing a bunk with Jeremy Meeks right about now. (Mmmm. Sexy bunk.)

Wagging your shame finger is much less effective when you just spent half the segment reading Facebook comments on live television, News10’s Nick Monacelli. Maybe next time just leave the social media phenomenons to the internet.

Here’s the clip uploaded to YouTube.

News10’s player is on the next page thanks to autoplay.

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