The Insane Brawl That Broke Out In Ukrainian Parliament Makes The U.S. Government Look Sophisticated In Comparison

Insanity. Insanity, my friends. That is what’s happening here. This brawl broke out in Ukrainian Parliament on Friday, when Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was “attacked” by an opponent, Oleh Barna, who handed him a bouquet of flowers before attempting to physically remove him from his podium. Apparently the whole thing stemmed from Yatsenyuk being asked to resign in the wake of unpopular reforms by his opposition, the People’s Front party, and this was apparently the best and most mature way they thought they should handle it.

Say what you will about the deeply divided and highly dysfunctional political landscape of the United States government, but at least we don’t have actual fisticuffs break out in the middle of Congress. Anymore, anyway. I can’t speak on behalf of our forefathers, but to be fair I hear they were also pretty drunk most of the time.

(Via Express UK)