‘Unbreakable’ Cat Falls 14 Stories, Survives


In the words of M. Night Shyamalan: “In a comic you know how you can tell who the archvillain’s going to be? He’s the exact opposite of the hero.” Somewhere out there is a cat named “Mr. Glass” who’s seething with envy right now.

Reports FoxNY:

A nine year old cat survived a 14-story plunge from an Upper West Side apartment building.

The Lang family moved to a building on West 64th St. and West End Ave. about a month ago with their pet Copper.

Angela Lang says their apartment’s windows don’t open far and they never thought she could get through them. Copper proved them wrong and got out onto the ledge; but fell.

They thought she was on top of a parking garage next to the building but there was no access to the roof. Nine hours later, the building supervisor used a fork lift to get to the top of the garage and found her.

The family rushed Copper to an emergency vet on West 55th St. She ended up only needing to be treated for a fractured foot and is doing well at home.

Here’s Mr. Glass’ foil, “Copper,” recovering in the kitty hospital…

Have a good weekend, everyone, though I’m sure I know how you’ll be spending your Friday night…

Myself, I’ll be searching for The Most Interesting Bum In The World so I can buy him a drink…

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