Uncut Beta Version Of ‘Conker’s Bad Fur Day’ Features Squirrel Vivisection And Pikachu Beating

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is a pretty edgy game — kind of shockingly so considering it was funded by Nintendo and released back in 2001. That said, just because countless dick jokes and a giant singing poop monster made it through to the final product, doesn’t mean a lot of other stuff didn’t hit the cutting room floor.

An uncensored beta version of Conker just popped up online, and folks are discovering it contains all sorts of interesting cut content, and it’s not exactly the stuff you might expect (more poop, dick and boob jokes). One of the cut scenes features a rather disturbing vivisection of another non-Conker squirrel. Another (very unpolished) scene involves Pikachu taking a beating from a mobster. Gee, wonder why that idea was shot down?

Hit the jump for Conker footage you never saw on your N64…

Over a decade later I’m still (pleasantly) surprised this bizarre game got made.

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