New Footage Emerges From Before The United Airlines Passenger Was Dragged Off His Flight

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04.12.17 10 Comments

By now, you probably know what happened on Flight 3411, but just in case you need a “previously, on Arrested Development” reminder: on Sunday night, 69-year-old doctor David Dao was forcibly removed from his flight by the Chicago Aviation Police Department after United Airlines overbooked passengers. After videos of Dao’s ejection, which resulted in his face being bashed into an armrest, went viral, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz initially praised his employees for following “established procedures for dealing with situations like this” before he got roasted by the entire internet (and Emirates); he eventually apologized (twice!) for the “truly horrific event.”

Now, thanks to a new video shot by a passenger on the flight, we can see what happened before Dao was forced to “re-accommodate” himself. The footage shows the doctor telling a police officer and flight attendant, “I won’t go. I’m a physician I have to work tomorrow, eight o’clock.” He then says he’ll “make a lawsuit against United Airlines” before repeating “I am not going.” Later, when the cop interjects, “I’m just telling you, it’s going to be a lot harder for you,” Dao replies, “Yes, I know that, I’d rather go to jail.”

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