Everybody Is Roasting A Misguided Letter United’s CEO Sent To Employees About The Passenger Scandal

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04.10.17 13 Comments

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The internet was whipped into a frenzy to start off the week, which isn’t really an unexpected thing since the internet does that every other hour or so. This specific outrage cycle was fueled by the shocking and rough removal of a passenger from a United Airlines flight after they didn’t have enough “willing volunteers” on an overbooked flight. United released a statement a few hours after the appalling incident (which was caught on video, naturally), but that did little to assuage consumer’s anger, and didn’t really explain why such a thing happened in the first place.

Now, United CEO Oscar Munoz has sent a letter to employees that was leaked shortly after it was circulated, and the contents of the letter are doing little to make the situation better.

In the missive, Munoz says the “facts and circumstances” of the situation are still evolving, that employees “followed established procedures for dealing with situations” like this one” and and that “treating our customers and each other with respect and dignity is at the core” of who the company is. If that sounds like it’s phony CEO-speak written down for the express purpose of spinning the situation, there’s a chance you could be right.

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