Universal Thinks You’ll Watch Another Doom Movie

03.11.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

Remember Doom, the 90’s video game that caused who-knows-how-many lost work hours from everyone attacking demons with a chainsaw on their PCs? Of course you do. But you’ve probably spent years trying to forget the 2005 movie version of Doom, which not only had a ridiculously annoying first-person-perspective sequence, but also failed to make back it’s budget in it’s worldwide release.

Well, Universal apparently feels that enough people have forgotten about that film, as What’s Playing is reporting that they’re looking for a script for a new 3D Doom movie that, for some reason, will not be a direct sequel to one of the most critically derided films to ever star The Rock. Yep, they’re rebooting it, although I think for something to be rebooted, you actually need to have a viable film franchise. So, let’s just say, they’re making another Doom flick that hopefully won’t make you want to put a BFG in your mouth.

[What’s Playing via /Film]

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