Update: Here Is All The Late-Night News About The Boston Marathon Bombing

As you would imagine, news is still pouring in about the bombing in Boston. And you’ll probably wake up to a whole new set of information that’s different than when you went to sleep. So we’re going to do our best to update you with a few news items that have broken over the last couple of hours.

— Thankfully the death toll hasn’t increased but the injured has risen to 144 at last report. With a few hours having passed, this may be close to the final tally.

— The eight-year-old who was killed in the blast has been identified as Martin Richard. He was waiting for his father to cross the finish line. His mother and sister, who were watching with him, were injured. This is easily the most heartbreaking story to emerge from this tragedy so far and we can only pray this is the worst it gets.

— A very vague “dark-skinned, foreign” description has been given for the suspect. There are also reports that he was caught on surveillance but obviously that won’t be released to the public any time soon.

— If you bet Sean Hannity would be the first person to do something wildly inappropriate in regards to the tragedy then you would have won the fantastic prize of watching his show put a montage of the bombing to Dr. Who’s “I Am The Doctor” theme. If anyone can grab inappropriate from the jaws of decency it’s him.

— The NBA has cancelled the Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers game for tomorrow night and they won’t reschedule. This is an unprecedented move as both teams will only play 81 games each for the season. Trivial, yes. But for some reason, when something as steadfast as sports gets interrupted, it really brings home the vastness of these tragedies. Baseball, hockey and basketball games opened with moments of silence.