UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Crossing Over’ With Animation Director Bryan Fordney

Tonight we welcome Animation Director Bryan Fordney to our season-long Archer discussion. This week’s episode, “Crossing Over,” welcomes the Season 3 returns of Nikolai Jakov and everyone’s favorite schizophrenic half-cyborg spy nemesis, Barry Dylan. Just like our other guests Bryan will be here to answer questions and provide juicy behind-the-scenes info. In-between pulls from the Jägermeister machine, of course.

Quick bio from Bryan:

“I started as an intern on Frisky Dingo, doing lip flap and a little character animation. I’ve been on the Archer animation team since the pilot, and the Animation Director starting with season two. I’m one also one of the most important drones in the ISIS building. I am what you might call the ‘Drone King’.”

Being the ‘Drone King’ is exactly the awesome badge of honor it sounds like it is, and Bryan has provided some kick ass supporting visuals to hammer that home after the jump.

Pre-show talking points…

Here’s one of my favorite of Bryan’s ‘Drone King’ images. Links to the others below. And yes, he’s the dude in the mustache who came to party.

More Drone King: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Open thread is open for business. Live blog with Bryan Fordney begins promptly at 10PM EST, but he (and possibly another member of the Archer team) may drop in beforehand if the conversation warrants. As always, everyone is encouraged to chat and GIF away well into the morning. I’ll put a cap on things in the AM.

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