UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Lo Scandalo’ With Art Director Neal Holman

Tonight we welcome Archer Art Director Neal Holman to Fort Kick*ss to join in on our discussion of the highly anticipated “Lo Scandolo.” He has two tough acts to follow (Previously: EP Matt Thompson and Producer Casey Willis) but I’m more than certain he is up to the challenge.

Neal is not only responsible for the show’s overall visual style, but he also created the opening sequence. And if that isn’t enough for you Neal voices Mr. Bloodmobile himself, Brett Buckley. From Neal:

“I started as an intern on Season Two of Sealab:2021 and have been working with Matt and Adam ever since. Frisky Dingo is where I cut my teeth as an Art Director. I also voiced a lot of the background Xtacles and random characters on the show (guy in hallway, helicopter pilot#2, etc). On Archer, I also get to be the voice of Brett, the ISIS employee who takes a bullet or twenty every season.”

Get your questions in early and often and he’ll do his best to get to everything he can.

Pre-show talking points…

Open thread is officially open for business. Live blog with Neal Holman begins promptly at 10PM EST, but he may drop in beforehand if you guys ask good questions. As always, everyone is encouraged to keep chatting and GIF-ing through the wee hours of the night. I’ll put a cap on things in the AM.

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