UPROXX Live Blog: The 2nd Annual Comedy Central Comedy Awards

Back in 2003, Comedy Central entered the award show business with the Commie Awards, which you’ve probably never heard of because they aired just once. But the idea was simple – celebrate comedy’s best minds and make fun of the 8 million other award shows. Eight years later, Comedy Central re-introduced the idea with The Comedy Awards, honoring the year’s best comedy films, TV shows, actors, actresses, stand-up comedians and plenty of other categories. People were nervous because – as South Park so wickedly pointed out – how do you decide who or what is the funniest?

But the network pulled it off behind the power (and common sense) of putting some of entertainment’s most hilarious people in the same building and telling them to simply be themselves. Comedy Central decided to catch lightning in a bottle again this year, and early word is that the event was a success. But you and I can see for ourselves this Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET, and I’ll be here with my UPROXXian band of cohorts for one of our wonderful live chats, since our invitations were apparently lost in the mail.

You can check out the full list of nominees over at Comedy Central, but we can all still braid each other’s hair make predictions together… until someone looks up the spoilers and ruins every pick for us.

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