UPROXX Video: What Would Life Be Like In A World Without The Internet?

Have you ever stopped to ponder what life would be like in 2013 without the internet? I know, I know — the mere thought of such a thing is akin to thinking about your dog being eaten alive by an alligator before your very eyes, but seriously, think about it. Unspeakably terrible, right? Like Moonlighting after Dave and Maddie finally entered The Bone Zone, no? Yes, that’s exactly what it’d be like — a dumpster fire and a train wreck put together.

Well, to illustrate just how awful a world devoid of the internet would be, the kooky kids on our UPROXX video team made a little ditty exploring the horrors of such an unspeakable catastrophe. Not being able to dick off at work all day? Actually talking to friends? Meeting cute strangers on the street in the course of getting directions? NOOOOOOOOOO!