Urban Outfitters Have Been Tastefully Selling A Bloodied Kent State University Sweatshirt

What in the actual f*ck, Urban Outfitters? According to Buzzfeed, until 2:15 a.m. this morning (when the item was sold for the bargain price of $129), the douche-hipster beloved retail chain’s website was selling a “vintage” Kent State University sweatshirt, complete with blood spatters. If you’ll recall, in May of 1970, National Guardsmen responded to a turbulent Vietnam War protest by firing at unarmed students — killing four and wounding nine others. It’s unclear if the blood spatter on the garment was authentic, but I’m guessing it was added later for “flair,” as a clothing company might sell “distressed” or pre-broken in clothing.

The internet predictably did not take well to the item listing:

Good job, Urban Outfitters. Maybe next they can get their hands on a Columbine football jersey or a Sandy Hook t-shirt or even an Aurora Century movie theater stub. They can probably just shellack it and put it on a chain and sell it as a necklace! The possibilities of exploiting tragedies in the name of fashion are endless, really.