USA Reclaims Lawnmower Land Speed Record

Entertainment Editor

Picture still unrelated.

Don Wales of Project Runningblade in the UK took the lawnmower land speed record from American Bobby Cleveland Now Bobby Cleveland has triumphantly recaptured the record with a first successful run, also doing a second run to take the record’s mother out for a nice seafood dinner and then never call her again.

Taking the mower to the Bonneville Salt Flats Cleveland hit 88.944 on his first run, breaking the existing record. He went back out and crushed the record with a top speed of 96.529. It’s worth noting that the rules say the mower must actually be able to cut crass. [SlashGear]

Check the clip below to watch a guy who sounds a bit like the southern-accented gentlemen from “Family Guy” talk about driving a lawnmower really fast.  USA! USA! USA!

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