As Usual, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Won A Lot Of Money Gambling Today And He Bragged About It

When all is said and done on December 31 and 2013 comes to a close, boxing champion, phenom and legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. will have made more than $100 million on his fights alone. Oh, and that’s for two fights. Mayweather made $45 million per fight for his May 4 victory over Robert Guerrero and his fight against Canelo Alvarez earlier this month, also a win. And word on the streets is that Mayweather hasn’t even received his back end cash for that second fight, so he could be looking at a cool 9 figures for two nights of work.

Then there’s also his gambling winnings, as the man with more money than most small countries has a penchant for sports wagers, and he also loves to brag about his winnings to us lowly poor bastards. Take today, for example, as Mayweather Tweeted a picture of his early winnings as he waits to see how much additional money he’ll make off of Johnny Manziel.

The Manziel reference, in case you’re not already crying after looking at those digits, is a callback to the wager that he made last week on Texas A&M that won him more money than what my car is worth 20 times over.