USWNT Watchers In France Chanted ‘F*ck Trump’ Live On Fox News, To The Delight Of Social Media

07.07.19 1 week ago

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Judging by the attendance at his July 4 “celebration” hoedown — the one where he talked about Revolutionary War soldiers fighting in airports — president Donald J. Trump still has a lot of fans. In America, that is. In non-American countries, not so much. Case in point: When Fox News tried to casually do a story from a bar in France, whose many patrons had just watched the U.S. Woman’s soccer team beat the Netherlands outfit, revelers took the opportunity to shout “F*ck Trump” live on the president’s favorite channel.

The moment, caught by Rolling Stone, occurred when Fox News foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot assumed he would be fine going to a sports bar in Lyon to see how people were celebrating USWNT’s victory. “History has just been made! We are here in a sports bar in Lyon, France. Listen to it,” Palkot said. Alas, when he gave viewers the chance to “listen to it,” the patrons only heard their favorite president being roundly insulted.

Palkot tried to salvage it, explaining that he’d brought the cameras inside a sports bar, seemingly because the victory would have been less exciting to watch if they’d been outside, where no one would ever tell the American president where to go.

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