A Utah Teen Was Forced To Wear Her Winter Coat To A Dance After Showing Up In This ‘Revealing’ Dress

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01.30.15 37 Comments

A Utah teenager was forced to wear a winter coat to her high school dance last week after chaperones deemed her dress too revealing.

So, just how risque was the garb 16-year-old Gabi Finlayson wore to the event at Lone Peak High School? Ummm…

Her light pink, sleeveless dress has shoulder straps and falls to mid-calf. So where did she go wrong? She attended a dance where chaperones wield rulers and rulebooks:

Upon checking in, Finlayson was asked by a dance chaperone if she had a shawl she could use to cover herself. School officials later explained the dress failed to meet a dress code rule requiring dresses to have straps at least two inches across each shoulder.

Both Finlayson and her mother believe the dress fully met that requirement. But because Finlayson didn’t want to draw further attention to herself, she went back to her car and retrieved her winter coat, which she wore over her dress all evening.

“I still stayed at the dance because it had been something I looked forward to, but I did feel really embarrassed and ashamed,” Finlayson told TODAY. “It was hard for me because that was a night I was supposed to feel really beautiful and special. This was really hurtful and it made me feel like I wasn’t good enough.”

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