Utah Valley Beat New Mexico State And A Brawl Broke Out During The Fan Rush

Here’s what happens when you stop being professional, and start creating situations where a guy in a morphsuit can be the chorus to a stupid fight:

Things get ugly at the conclusion of a game between Utah Valley and New Mexico State. NMSU’s K.C. Ross-Miller threw a basketball at UVU’s Holton Hunsaker as fans storm the court. Then fans get involved in the fight.

Fan rushes have got to be one of the worst things about sports. Call me a prude or whatever if you have to, but there’s no reason why a group of people should be able to say, “the game’s over, let’s hurry up and go stand where they played the game because LOOK AT US, LOOK.” None. Especially when it’s causing fights. ESPECIALLY when one of you is wearing a morphsuit.

Also pretty crappy: throwing a basketball at the opposing team when you’re losing. But hey, let the players kick his ass in peace, okay?