The Dinosaurs Are Loose In Australia


When we last spoke of the Walking With Dinosaurs stage show, it was because their baby T-Rex robotic puppet was hilariously scaring the hosts of a Japanese morning show. Now people walking down the street in Melbourne, Australia, are getting a taste of one of the show’s hybrid puppet/animatronic Utahraptors (mislabelled a Velociraptor by the YouTube uploader). We believe the photoshop above describes the scene better than a screencap from the video below could have. “You call that a dinosaur? This is a dinosaur. Also, I don’t pay my taxes.”

Walking With Dinosaurs is produced by The Creature Production Company and BBC Worldwide. The show includes ten large dinosaurs (one of which is 36 feet tall and 56 feet long) and at least seven smaller dinosaurs. To promote the show, they unleashed a Utahraptor on an unsuspecting Australian public. Crikey, she’s a feisty one! Somebody better stick a finger up her bum. (This concludes every Australian reference I know.)

[H/T: Reddit via io9]