Is This The Most Cruel Valentine’s Day Payback You’ve Ever Seen?

Life Writer
02.14.16 19 Comments

There’s no Valentine’s Day chocolate or candy that can compare to the savory taste of sweet, sweet revenge. So sweet, so satisfying. And one man got a fulfilling taste of payback when he surprised his cheating girlfriend with a Valentine’s Day gift she’ll never forget.

Kyle Boggess thought he had himself a good girl in Anna Miller, but she was nothing more than a lying Cheater McCheat Cheat. So, rather than dumping Anna on the spot after learning of her unfaithfulness, Kyle set her up and recorded it all on tape because it’s not really payback until it’s uploaded on YouTube.

In a video entitled, “Cheating girlfriend Anna Miller exposed!,” Kyle brings a blindfolded Anna to a room covered in rose petals and flatters her with romantic comments like, “If I don’t spend [Valentine’s Day] with you, it definitely sucks if I don’t spend it with you.” With her blindfold off, Kyle persuades his cheating girlfriend to put her blindfold back on so he can go get her “big surprise.” The surprise? Screenshots of her cheating on him. Face!

“Yeah! That’s you cheating on me,” he yells. “So get the f*ck outta my house, right now!” What makes the gift even more terrible is the time Anna wasted and the gas she burned getting over to her boyfriend’s house. “I’m glad you drove an hour for no f*cking reason. This is going on YouTube, sweetheart. You’re a wh*re.” The video ends with Anna leaving Kyle’s crib, but not before calling him a son of a b*tch.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to cheat on your boyfriend, be more discreet.

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