Is This Guy’s Mom An Actual Immortal Vampire? He’s Got Proof!

This kid might want to stock up on some garlic and crucifixes, because it’s only a matter of time before his mom bites him and turns him into one of the undead, doomed to wander the earth in search of blood…if she hasn’t already.

This series of photos, posted to Imgur by someone claiming his mom is a vampire, shows a tiny baby with a very attractive woman in what appears to be her 20s. That photo’s fine. It’s the second one, where he’s all grown up and posing with his little sister that’s a bit weird. But that’s probably because she’s not his little sister. That’s his mom! And she didn’t just not age, she actually got younger. Lock your doors, she may be coming for you next!

Don’t believe it? Click over to the second picture:

So you think your wife is a vampire? Meet my mother.

Can someone explain what’s going on here? If it’s not Photoshop and she’s not a vampire (doubtful), then I want to know exactly what this woman puts on her face to keep it looking like she’s 18 years old when she’s got to be at least 40. Her kid looks 10 years older than she does! (I’m kind of hoping she’s a vampire, though. Because that’d be pretty cool.)

(Via Imgur)

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